Limer: Sipiwe Madonsela

Furious Figo

We all start somewhere, somehow – doesn’t matter whether it is with Vw, Toyota, Ford or Opel.

Seeking The Lime is all about the guys and girls taking the opportunity to showcase the rides that they themselves own. This time around, Sipiwe took opportunity to show off his ride.

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Sipiwe are amongst the names of Brandon Ross, Kaylum Antonels and Bradley Herdien in Seeking The Lime.

In the November 2017 Edition of Movere, Sipiwe talks about his first car, which was an Opel. Making huge output changes to the car within a certain period, brought Mr Madonsela lots a pleasure. But then a few changes happened in his life. This is why he had to purchase another vehicle, and of course, not to long after the purchase was done, some mods came to the car we see right now – the Ford Figo.

Get your hands on the Movere 2017 Edition to discover so much more.

Limer: Sipiwe Madonsela
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Limer: Sipiwe Madonsela
Sipiwe Madonsela, the owner of a stunningly slammed Ford Figo, finds himself between the pages of Movere in Seeking The Lime. Read more about this story here.
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