Limer: Tyler Plaatjies

Limer: Tyler Plaatjies

It’s been a while now, but now we finally got some updated information and the participation of Tyler Plaatjies.

Rolling the Mother City’s Streets, silently, Tyler is one of those chilled and laid back drivers. As long as the music blasting, he chilling and the car sitting low, everything is perfectly fine for him. Roll down the window for the breeze to play through, and you’ll find Tyler is his most chilled position.

Being the owner of a VW Golf Mk1, Tyler couldn’t wait to get his hands dirty and play around with a few ideas on what exactly is going to do with his car for the end result he had in mind for his ride, AKA Smurfie.

In the June 2017 Edition of Movere Tyler explain the days he remember, way back then, when his car was still high as a Hilux, but after he made up his mind, together with some input from friends, family – and club members, Tyler found himself to be #Grounded.

This was done by resting the car on a set of 175/50/15 Jedi rims above an installed set of Maxtrac Coilovers. Being Tyler, he just had to add on Powerflow Exhaust, for, as he put its, “that extra murmur.”

But check out Tyler’s Smufie and their story in the June Edition of Movere Digizine. They made it into the Seeking The Lime section where Tyler shows off his ride. He fills up the Seeking The Lime section together with Lee-Anne Barrows & Alvin Avontuur.

Check out the Limers, the Features and so much more in the June Edition of Movere Digizine – The Cape’s Motoring Journal.

Don’t forget, should you wish to showcase your ride, simply get into contact with us.

#Limer: Tyler Plaatjies
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#Limer: Tyler Plaatjies
Movere Limer, Tyler Plaatjies makes it into the June 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine. Check out his story, together with so much more in Movere Digizine.
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