Limer: Whaleed Adams

Limer: Whaleed Adams

Familiar face to Movere Digizine gets his first opportunity as Limer in the Movere Digital Magazine, in the July 2017 Edition.

Whaleed Adams, Cape Town Petrol Enthusiast is a Honda driver that one would at all time find out and about chilling with his peers from the Cape Town Car Fraternity.

Less than a year ago when we first saw Whaleed, his EG Ballade was standing out from the rest – eye caching in orange. His made a few victories with the Wheels & Wings car show which was hosted at the DSTV Michells Plain Festival back in 2016.

Months later, and Whaleed finally made it to between the pages of Movere Digital Magazine.

Read the July 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine to get more information about Whaleed and to read his story in Seeking The Lime. This is where you would find more Limers such as Brandon McKinnon and Tauwfeeq George.

Not forgetting that you can too catch info on the Dub Familia event where they assisted the Michells Plain Netball Union and the Cape’s Caddy Crew Gathering.

Read more on the July 2017 Edition, or just click Download to get your free copy right now.

Don’t forget to check out Instagram and Facebook Page for some more pictures and information.

#Limer: Whaleed Adams
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#Limer: Whaleed Adams
Movere Limer, Whaleed Adams makes it into the July 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine. Check out his story, together with so much more in Movere Digizine.
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