Mark Titus

Mark's Green Mamba

Constant bragging rights winner of Dub Auto Fest shares his story.

Mark Titus, the owner of a VW Jetta CLi, has been one we’ve kept tabs on for a while now. Every time we approached Mark, we tried and tried to get a meeting setup, until we have finally scored.

Mark’s Green Mamba takes the center front page of the December 2017 Edition of Movere. Mark is the name that is featured in this Edition next to Houston Felix with his Toyota Tazz.

We too covered the Custom Car Show and Dub Auto Fest in this edition, which are sections you need to check out. You simply need to get your copy of Movere Digital Magazine to read more about these shows.

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Rolling with the boy and girls from Dub Familia, the familial bond between the members is a living proof of their slogan, “Familia Comes First.” Hence the reason why the club scored the first place at the 2017 Dub Auto Fest. For those who were not present at the show, better get your hands on Edition 31 to make sure you read more about their unique club display that raised the standards.

Mark is a lecturer who takes a pride in his vehicle, this is why he has won Bragging Rights for Best Mk3 a few times.

To read more about Mark’s story, download the December 2017 Edition of Movere to get access to Mark and many more. This is a must read to see more about this unique individual and his very clean, minty CLi.

As mentioned before, when you get your copy of Edition 31, you will be able to read more about Mark himself and Houston Felix, together with the names of Magen Beerwinkel, Kashief Samsomdien, Riedwaan Clarke, Naseem Nordien and Suleiman Solomon in Seeking The Lime and of course The Custom Car Show hosted by Opel Maniacs and Dub Auto Fest 2017.

Mark's Green Mamba
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Mark's Green Mamba
Renowned for winning Bragging Rights for Best Mk3 from Dub Auto Fest, the Green Mamba, a VW Jetta Cli, have we finally sat down with lecturer, Mark Titus.
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