Micah’s VeloMike – The Black Mk1

Micah's VeloMike

Micah’s first baby, VeloMike.

Movere has set aside an entire edition dedicated to the Vw Golf Mk1. We know the huge Mk1 fans love this for the fact that there are so many Golfs to see within in the magazine. Each from a different background, used for different purposes, with different and unique characteristics.

Because we cover the entire Cape Town, we noticed that there is a huge market for the Golf Mk1. There are guys who strictly purchase these cars, not as a daily drive, but to style and personalize the car. There are even car groups dedicated to this car. To make things even awesome, some of these clubs or movements are even governed and controlled by the colour of the car.

There has been a couple of times where we have come across this black Vw Golf Mk1. We have some pictures that was taken at Wheels & Wings, November 2016 and Launch For Charity, January 2017. This black Mk1, named VeloMike, is a car owned by Micah Lakey.

Micah, a socialite, just loves spending time with friends and family. His extended car family is probably the folks he loves chilling out the most. This is of course next to his special someone.

But we have more in Micah in the May 2017 Edition of Movere. Read more about Micah and his VeloMike by Downloading the May Edition. This is the Mk1 Edition, where you can read more on other Vw Golf Mk1’s from Cape Town, together with one all the way from PE

What we love about the May Edition is the front page. There are two huge pictures of two black mk1’s, together with three white Mk1s. CARS! – this is what we love.

Micah's VeloMike - The Black Mk1
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Micah's VeloMike - The Black Mk1
Micah Lakey’s first baby, his VeloMike, a Black Vw Golf Mk1 that made onto the Movere Digizine front page. We managed to sit and spend time time with Micah.
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