Motor Madness 2017

Motor Madness 2017

Opel Squad LTD hits their second home run with their show called Motor Madness Vol.2.

Opel Squad LTD has been a name we’ve seen and read about for some time now in the Movere Digital Magazine. This is one of the clubs that has their very own special little section in the Magazine where they are able to share information on what’s been happening their side. When they announced they were getting ready to start planning for the second show, we saw the scene preparing themselves for another fun day out in the Cape sun.

This time held out Bothasig, the team managed to deliver a well-executed event. They have managed to learn from their previous event hosted and made sure deliver on some improvements. This is why those who participated and spectated the show had an unforgettable time.

For those who have missed the show, don’t worry, this is why we are here. We have managed to secure a few images that was shot at the show, together with more information on how things went down at the show itself, and all this information could be found in the October 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine.

We were able to bring you other shows too. These you might have heard of, the Team Honda Charity Event, Slammed SA Cape Town Launch, Grand Spring Auto 2017 and then of course Durban’s Stance Fest.

Our Limers of this Edition includes the names of Rusdien Johaar, Moegamat Samaai, Gavin Naidoo, Samuel Williams, Rizhaun Booysen, Jean-Pierre Rudolph and Mzwandile Dube, while our main features are Muzaith Koopman and Kyle Booysen.

Better get your copy right now to see what went down across Cape Town and what we have to offer you in this edition. Remember, this is a total free download. You can either go to the page on the October 2017 Edition or you can click Download right here, and right now to get access to the October 2017 Edition of Movere.

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Motor Madness 2017 - Vol.2
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Motor Madness 2017 - Vol.2
Movere got invited to check out the special second volume of Motor Madness, a car show that was delivered by Opl Squad LTD. Read more here.
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