Movere CMC#1 ThrowBack

Movere CMC#1 ThrowBack

August, Womens Month…and how can we not celebrate the ladies over at Movere.

In 2016 we decided to have a little fun with the ladies of Cape Town that just love to partake in the Cape Car Fraternity. We decided on hosting a little challenge for the ladies.

The question was asked. What can we do to create some fun and adventure for the ladies of the Cape Town? Since its Women’s Month, something special needs to draft on how we can make sure they have memories and possibly an unforgettable time. The “possible plan” will have to make use of their cars, and themselves. And should we be able to, create a little challenge between those participating.

This is how things went down.

We gathered a few ladies from Cape Town who just love snapping some pictures, and of course, who just love their cars. They were then called out to spot on the beach where they will have no other choice but to pose and have fun in front of the Movere cameras.

Once they pose in front of the cameras, we will then place their pictures on Facebook, and the one who has the most likes on their picture, will be declared the winner of a small little prize.

This was the day we were introduced to the names Audra George, Jessica Doyle, Lee-Anne Barrows, Prue Godfrey and Ronalda Pietersen.

The ladies had such a great time with us as they posed in order for us to get the one million dollar shot we were looking for to place on Facebook…and boy was it a great challenge.

At the end of the challenge, Prue Godfrey walked away as the winner of the first Movere Car Model Comp. Her prize consisted of some various Meguairs car care products to make her Sunset Sally shine bright again.

Check out some of the pictures that were taken on the day, and don’t forget to check out the official pictures that was used for the challenge to.

This is the start to something fun. Not only has the day created really fun times, but we were blessed to develop amazing relationships with folks within the Cape Car Culture.

Movere CMC#1 ThrowBack
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Movere CMC#1 ThrowBack
Taking a trip down memory lane to the very first Movere Car Model Competition of 2016, and where everything started way back then.
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