Movere CMC#2 2017 Official Event

Movere CMC#2

Movere’s Car Model Comp are still on the lips of the Cape’s scene.

As read in a previous posts, at Movere, we recently had our second Car Model Competition, better known as CMC. This is the competition where we have girls lined up next to their cars, and compete to find out who has the biggest fan base in Cape Town. This time around we of course opened the competition up to guys to join in the fun as well.

This round was one we will never forget. Not for the fact that this was the time first that we allowed the men to sign up, but merely because this is still on the lips of those who participated, together with the folks who casted their vote on Facebook.

If you don’t know the background, or if you haven’t read the first post, we suggest you go check it out. The post will give you a brief background on the competition, together with images we took the morning. This of course is the background of the competition.

Since we opened the competition for guys to join as well, we had no choice but to split it into two categories – simply just Male & Female. This means there was a prize for each category.

We took the images of the participants, had them on social media for 6 days and the participants had to gather as many votes as possible.

It was strange to see how the ladies took the lead on the guys. The ladies had way more votes than the guys, but unfortunately there could only be one.

When the last minute came closer, we had Ameerah Willemse as the winner of the ladies and Ezra Meisenheimer who took victory for the guys. Both participants won themselves a car care hamper that comprised of a few waterless goods with which they can take care of their cars without getting into trouble.

We wish to congratulate Ezra and Ameerah for winning. We too wish to thank all the participants for competing in our competition.

Ameerah owns a Nissan Sentra. The girl rocks with Team Nissan. She is a force not to mess with. One can catch her running down the quarter mile strip at Killarney. She will competing at the annual Saldanha drags.

Misché Molife has her way down low, small, compact and stunning Toyota Yaris. We’ve spotted her a few times at car gatherings and shows across Cape Town. At this rate she will be soon taking home a lot of trophies. We are most definitely looking forward to catching more images of her together with her ride in the future.

Robyne Leon is a name that her been between the pages of Movere Digital Magazine for a few times. She is one of the admin’s for Honda Republic Squad and part of the H-Day team. Her Civic was one of the mascots for H-Day 2017 that was held at Killarney International Raceway earlier this year. Robyne went OEM for winter, and we will soon be seeing changes in the next few weeks.

Simone Jacobs and her RedLADY didn’t only compete in the Movere CMC#2 competition, but the team made it to the front page of Movere. Read more on Simone by getting your free copy of the September Edition of Movere. For quicker access, simply press Download.

Waseema Samsodien has an attractive Mini sitting on air suspension. Aired out together with the Stay Hungry team of Cape Town, this little Mini will be receiving a lot of attention soon. We recently spotted the entire team out the All Fuelled Up car show which was held in Goodwood.

Andrew Fowler took the cover of Movere with the August 2017 Edition. Andrew and his S2000 belongs to Club S2K Cape Town. In the August Edition we check out the mods and changes he has brought to the car, and things that will come his way in the future. Be sure to read the story of Andrew by getting your copy of the August 2017 Edition of Movere.

Ayoob Batchelor came to fill in for Brendon Lewis, who unfortunately couldn’t make it, but still came through to give his support to Ayoob. Being a true car enthusiast, Ayoob couldn’t wait for the opportunity to jump in front of the lens and start posing. He thoroughly enjoyed himself during the morning.

Brandon Milton, another front page car, surprised us with his presence. Brandon has a 2004 Vw Golf Mk1 that is the pride and joy. Named Cookie, the car receives all the sweet attention. Check out their story by downloading the July 2017 Edition of Movere. Brandon took away the front page of this Edition.

The white Honda Ballade that is owned by Brenward Draai we spotted the first time at the first Honda Day that was held in Cape Town – H-Day Cape Town 2017. Another enthusiast that totally loves his car and couldn’t wait to get in front of the cameras to start stretching his stuff. He definitely showed what his momma gave him.

A guy that we really take our hats off. He is always at park-offs, hook-ups, and car shows. Enrico really shows us that it doesn’t matter what you drive, your car doesn’t define you, and it doesn’t matter what you drive, if you’re a petrolhead, you will be part of the movement no matter what. Enrico rolls across the Cape’s streets with his Hyundai i10 called Panda.

Ezra Meisenheimer, the guy who took the lead on the guys, shared his story on how he ended up in Facebook Jail because he was just pushing it. To quote Ezra’s exact words, “You need to be in it, to win it.” And this is exactly why he was crowned the winner.

We have waited a while to see the new build, and on the morning of CMC, Fabian Edwards surprised us with the first glimpse of his new Mini. Bagged and under the collection of Stay Hungry, Fabian is ready to be back on the scene and making heads turn as his Mini swings by.

It is really awesome to see the younger generation appreciate old and classic vehicles. We never expected one of these to rock up. But Kyle Woodbridge participated with his neat and brightly coloured Vw Beetle. We should have rewarded him for his creative thought on participating with his Beetle. Hats off to you Kyle.

Redolf Klink is a member of the Northside Crew. And that is where he had to drive from just to come compete. His RunX is a low scrapping static machine that just loves to Limbo. He was previously a Limer in Movere a while back.

Our last and final participant was Shaamiel Harris, who came rocking up with his new White Honda Civic. Previously he was the owner of a bagged Honda EF. What really made this EF very special is the fact that it was probably the first EF in Cape Town to be bagged.

We are looking forward to be hosting another CMC before the year ends, just to be ending the year off with a huge Bang. We will be sure to inform each and every one as soon as we have more information on this.

Read more about Movere CMC#2 in the September issue of Movere. Simply head on over the to the download page or just simply click Download to easy access.

Movere CMC#2 2017 Official Event
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Movere CMC#2 2017 Official Event
Movere CMC#2 2017! A successful and great gathering that had Cape Town come out to get some awesome pictures of their vehicles in the midst of winter.
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