Northside Crew – June Park & Chill

Northside Crew June Park & Chill

Just a little rain doesn’t scare the true enthusiast to come away from the fireplace to check on how the rest of the Cape Town Car Culture is doing.

Honestly, we wondered what happened to the guys and where they were at, because the last time we saw Northside Crew organizing a get together was way back in March earlier this year. For those who might be unaware of the name, NorthSide Crew is a Cape Town Car Club, just a few friends who came together and said, “well hey, let’s do this.” Months later, and we have them pulling crowds together on a Sunday afternoon.

This time around, compared to the Park & Chill which happened in March, it was cold, wet and looked like a dismal Sunday afternoon. But the guys from the Cape Town Car Scene came out to support them.

As the oaks pulled up, they took out their gadgets to lower their vehicles onto the cold grounds as they knew there were going to be photographers roaming the grounds trying to get in those perfect snaps which they will then later get tagged in.

Out in Belville, at Starlight Diner, at the back of the Belville Velodrome the guys had so much fun enjoying one another’s company with frost bite on the edge of their nose.

These are some of the snaps we gathered from the. Make sure you head over to our Facebook Page to see more of these pictures.

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Northside Crew's June Park & Chill
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Northside Crew's June Park & Chill
Within the cold winter month's the Cape Town Car Fraternity comes out on a cold Sunday afternoon for a chill session with some friends from the Northside.
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