OMCC – Custom Car Show


OMCC - Custom Car Show

Opel car club celebrates their birthday with a car show.

The December 2017 Edition of Movere hosted a few car shows that happened recently, of which, the Opel Maniacs Car Club is one of them. The show was hosted as part of a social contribution to a school out in Elsies River, of which the show took place at the school itself.

Opel Maniacs Car Club turned 1 year old, and part of the celebration, the entire Cape Town was called out to form part of a car show that has Show & Shine, Limbo, and Sound-off as segments of the show.

As the Cape Town is reaching the hot season beneath the African sun, was the day a fun-filled and sweaty one – in a good way of course. Those who were present, whether spectators or participants, were treated to a variety of snacks that were available to much on and cool down as the proceedings went down.

The vicinity allowed sufficient parking and enough space for kids to have their jumping castle. The spectators could easily move between Limbo, Show & Shine and Sound-off sections.

Read more about how the event turned out, and how things went down by downloading the December 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine.

Between the pages of Movere, you should also be kept updated on how the annual VAG Auto Lifestyle show went down in Cape Town – Dub Auto Fest. Not forgetting you will be able to read about Tasmo, the Toyota owned by Houston Felix and the Green Mamba which belongs to Mark Titus.

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2018 will be a year to look forward to with many adventures awaiting Cape Town, and we will be there – to cover all the events and keep you updated on what’s happening on the streets of the Mother City.  

OMCC - Custom Car Show
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OMCC - Custom Car Show
Opel Maniacs celebrated their very first birthday by hosting a car show for everyone to join in the fun and too acted as a social and charitable contribution.
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