Only The Fittest 2016

Only The Fittest 16

Cape Town has a specific calendar which it loves to the follow, and one of the major dates is the see Cape Town come together for one of the annual aired-out shows.

Cape Stance, has the opportunity to be titled the Cape Town forerunners when it comes to going down as a company – all aired-out. An established brand amongst the Cape Town aired vehicles that sets a certain standard – for the rest to follow?

Their annual event was hosted out in Montague Gardens, where they provided a perfectly smooth surface for the guys from all over South Africa to come lay-frame.

Known for having high standards, the annual Cape Stance event, Only The Fittest, or better known as OTF, was a major attraction for the guys who loves the stance scene. This is why we saw guy coming from Killarney (Street Fest 2016) raceway to attend the low-show.

With various prizes up for grabs, the guys came out in full force to bring their A-game. This was the show where guys presented new mods, and new cars. It was too the location to be for the guys who wants to steal with their eyes, for some new inspiration.

But let us not ruin the surprise for you. Read more over in the January Edition of your favourite automotive digizine, the only one dedicated strickly to the Cape Town’s Car Scene – Movere. Movere Digizine, of course Cape Town’s Motoring Journal.

If you wish to see more pictures, or read more about what happened at the event, better make sure you have the January Edition Movere Digizine.

Only The Fittest 2016
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Only The Fittest 2016
Cape Town come together for one of the annual aired-out shows. Only The Fittest, better known as OTF, is the Stance show hosted by Cape Stance.
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