OTF 2017 Intro

OTF 2017 Intro

Cape slammed and squashed by the fittest.

The Cape Petrol heads found themselves in the norm of making sure they attend one of the most jaw dropping and nerve-wrecking shows to go down in December yearly.

Cape Town’s elite Cape Club, Cape Stance, allows spectators to truly enjoy some of the best and beasty beauties South Africa’s mother city has to offer. Whether its ranging from the VW Golf production line, to BMW’s special M production series, if it is to be found on the show floor of Only The Fittest, it is sure to draw attention and of course – special.

The target of the show is to gather cars from all over Cape Town and have it at one huge gathering…and this year, the team went even bigger. All thanks to the chosen venue allowing three different sections of spectating, gathering and slammed out fun.

Another “up,” for the spectators, and those participating, were not only the regular faces they get to see again, or making new friends, but it’s the ability to upgrade your single entry ticket to a VIP Pass. Which gave the VIPs some personal and private entertainment, with something that everyone was dying to enjoy – air-conditioning.

Cape Town was rocked out of their boots; celebrating Cape Town finest – a trend which the hosts are most definitely setting.

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The January 2018 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine will have more exclusive insights and information to how the show went down. You too will be able to read more about the 2017 Toyota Fest, Stance On The Greens and the Killarney Street Fest. Do not forget about the names, Jerydo Appollis and Allie Joharie.

Only The Fittest 2017 Intro
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Only The Fittest 2017 Intro
Cape Town's Only The Fittest (OTF) 2017 hosted by Cape Stance, had Cape Town amazed by yet another amazing delivery of their annual automotive expedition.
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