Dub Familia Park-Off – Next Phase

Dub Familia Stands Together For Burning Family - Part 2

Dub Familia implements the next phase.

In a recent effort, Dub Familia joined up with some clubs and individuals where they gathered to collect charitable items which will go a group of individuals who lost their belongings to a fire in Franschoek.

To read more about the date of collection, follow this link.

It is just amazing to see how the guys come together in order to give back to the community. Just for the fact that they don’t always, but they still make sure to give back, is one of the reasons they grow into better human beings.

After the non-perishables items and other donations were collected, the Familia set out for a journey to Franschoek to drop the items.

As promised the Movere Team was present to keep you updated on the proceedings. We have all the details, together with more picture in the March Edition of Movere Digizine. Don’t forget to download.

Dub Familia Stands Together For Burning Family - 2
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Dub Familia Stands Together For Burning Family - 2
In aid of charity, the club hosted a park-off at West Gate Mall in Mitchells Plain, collecting goods to assist families who belongings in Franschoek fire.
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