Pride Your Ride (2016)

Pride Your Ride - Ceres 2016

When we just thought our jurisdiction is the Cape Town boarders, we were stunned when we got invited by the Nitsckie brothers to head all the way out to Ceres for Pride Your Ride.

The road was long in the middle of Summer as Cape Town petrolheads headed to Ceres, not only to see what the guys of Ceres and surrounding areas has to offer, but hopefully to take home some prizes.

One by one the guys pulled up – some regulars, while the others are unknown. As the guys found their parking spots, getting and checking their papers, the spectators pulled out the cooler box and set up the gazebos before they too started to mingle around.

It was great to see how much of the Cape Town guys came out to support the show, because this gives an indication on how big their passion really is.

The day turned out to be a great day on the outside boarders of Cape Town. One we will be looking forward to again next year. Next time we will know to bring with more cold refreshments.

Check out more coverage, and more about how the day went down in the January Edition of Movere Digizine. After all, we are Cape Town’s Digital Motoring Magazine.

And from our side, thumbs up to the hosts. We can’t wait to see a bigger show.

Pride Your Ride (2016)
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Pride Your Ride (2016)
Movere Digizine got invited to join the out in Ceres for Pride Your Ride. A location we thought were totally out of our jurisdiction. Check how this went down.
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