Ronalda “Nelly” Pietersen

Ronalda Pietersen

Funky, Vibrant and a Smile to your face – that’s how one would get to know Ronalda Pietersen to be.

Movere Digizine makes sure to follow some of the great talents which are to be found roaming the Streets of Cape Town. Every now and then we come across a certain individual that you find very interesting, and that is the case with this lady.

We first met her way back in August 2016 when she was one of the participants for the Movere CMC#1, a Car Model Comp. This was where we had car ladies going for a prize as their fans routed for them, as they posed next to their cars.

On this day, we met this talkative, open and funny young lady. She was energetic, with a sparkle to your eye that could make you laugh as you tried making her laugh.

Ronalda Pietersen, the owner of a White 2007 VW Golf Mk1 named Snowy. Her car which she bought way back in 2008, and over the years, as time had gone by, has placed her magic on the car, to make it perfect and right just for her.

Currently a Financial Advisor for Old Mutual, Ronalda loves everything car related, no wonder she finds herself as the Admin Executive for German Stance Crew SA.

Ronalda has come a long with Movere. After meeting her for the first time in August 2016 for the Movere CMC, Ronalda then went on the be a #Limer in November 2016 and finds herself spending time with Movere in June for an in-depth session on who this girl exactly is.

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The Funky & Vibrant Ronalda Pietersen
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The Funky & Vibrant Ronalda Pietersen
As Funky and Vibrant young lady, Ronalda Pietersen is a Old Mutual Financial Advisor, German Stance Crew Executive and a Cape Petrolhead.
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