AirScort – Ryno’s ’67 Ford Escort Mk1

AirScort – Ryno’s '67 Ford Escort Mk1

Chameleon Party Dropper will have one wondering whether your eyes might need glasses.

We have all been at cars shows where, in a moment of shock, people gasp for their breath and go “yoh – what is that?” In that moment we turn around and we see a car that blows our minds.  One that is so unique that not even the traffic officials will be able to identify it.  That is exactly the case of this little beast that roams the streets of Cape Town.

A little Cape Town classic, with a little tangy twist brings this old school classic around to be part of the newbies.

Ryno Hattingh, not the South African actor, owns this “flippen” beautiful showstopper, a ‘67 MK1 1.3 Ford Escort Deluxe. As you can see, this MK1 has a fair share of mods worth the feature. With much dedication, this car underwent a lot of changes since it started competing in show & shine comps many years ago. Which most definitely makes this one a Cape Town classic.

This little ‘67 Deluxe has been customized from inside to out. Engine bay provides not only sound to the mechanic, but some visuals too. With a second steering wheel added onto the interior, it should be fun fooling road users. This while the custom boot install is home to 2 x Ice Power 12 inch woofers, powered by XTC amps, the air tank and 2 x 7 inch screens.

Not giving away too much information, this ‘67 is most definitely worth the title Panty Dropper. Check it out in the July 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine. This is where you can find Ryno amongst Deron Anthony and Brandon Milton.

Movere Digizine, Cape Town’s Motoring Journal has got you covered with all that’s happening in and around Cape Town. So make sure to get your copy of Movere Digizine by reading more on the July 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine or simply get your free copy by clicking Download.

AirScort - Ryno's '67 Ford Escort Mk1
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AirScort - Ryno's '67 Ford Escort Mk1
A classic head turner within the Cape Town Fraternity, Ryno Hattingh and his Mk1 Escort are legends for Street Custom. Read more about Ryno in Movere.
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