Red Riding Hood & Lady Red

Red Riding Hood & Lady Red

Red riding hood appears out of the blue with her RedLADY.

Simone Jacobs, is a CPC member that has recently started being recognized as she partakes at car shows in the ladies category. Very unknown to the rest of the Cape’s scene. We should be labeling her as a silent predator.

Approximately two years ago Simone scouted for a new ride. Knowing she always wanted a Polo, she made plans to get her first Polo. This was a red VW Polo 6R Comfortline. From there, she signed up with Cape Polo Crew as has been part of the family ever since.

In the September 2017 Edition of Movere, Simone shares the reasons why she is in the Cape Car Scene, and what she loves the most about it. Of course, with a huge and big bright smile, she mentioned about her current collection of trophies she has gathered thus far.

Read all about Simone and her RedLADY in the September 2017 Edition of Movere. Simone, together with a few other ladies we need to look out for in the Cape’s car scene is shown between the pages of Movere. Amongst Simone, they are Fatimah Jacobs and Darélle Rhoode.

Fatimah owns a Honda Accord – a machine she has built to get faster to the winning line as she takes on drag strips. Darélle owns an aired Vw Golf 5 GTi.

Catch up on all these ladies, Fatimah, Simone, and Darélle together with a few gatherings we attended such as the Grounded Nation Hook-ups and the All Fuelled Up Charity Car Show in the September 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine. Get your copy by clicking Download.

Red Riding Hood & Lady Red
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Red Riding Hood & Lady Red
With the Girl Power Edition, Simone Jacobs and her Red Lady shares their story on how they met, and are currently finding their feet within the Cape Car Scene. Read more on their story right here.
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