Team Honda Charity Car Show

Team Honda Charity Car Show

The sizzling spring stats off taking on a whole new heat.

As we have previously mentioned, we are expecting the Cape Town Car Scene to start elevating to a new plato when it comes to what we will be expecting this Spring of 2017 when its compared to Winter 2017 and how things went down in the Cape – and Team Honda Helderberg made sure of this.

With a charity car show hosted out in Somerset West, we never expected we would find so much participation of the Cape Town Car Scene to come out and support the all-round show that welcomed all brands.

With the amount of vendors, clubs, sponsors, and space available for everyone to roam around and have fun, the location was top notch when it comes to size. This allowed everyone that found themselves present, to have lots of fun – especially with the multitude of activities that was available. Making it a well-organized and compiled event. The best part of the entire show was probably the moment when a gentleman proposed to his girlfriend. After she said yes, she’s now finally his fiancé.

To top this, another steal for the show was the fact that entire show was not just Honda dominated. How crazy isn’t that? Everything the Cape to offer was present. Everyone at first thought the show was only going to be open to Honda’s, but with a bit of luck and proper social media marketing, the crowd soon found out they can rock up to the show, no matter they are driving.

Whether it was the warm summer sun, something in the water or the fact that this was a charitable initiative, but whatever it was that made the car scene come out in their masses, we should definitely recognize Cape Town is ready for more car shows to come down in the Mother City.

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Team Honda Charity Car Show
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Team Honda Charity Car Show
Team Honda Helderberg held a charity car show in Somerset West that gathered the Cape Town Car Scene come out in their masses to support the event. Read more about the Team Honda Charity Car Show.
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