Tevin’s White Gold


Tevin's White Gold

More and More cars like the Toyota RunX are coming on the scene, just to attract all the attention to their beauty.

In last month’s edition, the March Edition of Movere Digizine, we happened to find a White RunX owned by Dyllin Basson called SugarX. The following month (April 2017) Movere has another White RunX on the front page. This time it belongs to Tevin Syce.

In the April 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine, Tevin’s ride takes the front page next to another resident from Atlantis, one should probably be calling them neighbours, Douglas van Wyk.

Tevin’s White Gold is an aired Toyota RunX that posed for the Movere cameras for the second time. The first time we spent time with Tevin was back in 2015 when he just got his RunX.

This is the RunX that can quickly drop panties as easily as it touches the ground – with a push of a button.

This time around, after growing and gaining some more experience in the Cape Town Car Scene, Tevin shares more information on who he is, where he comes from, and some of the goals he is working towards.

This hard working individual is too the president of his car club, DapperX SA.

The day we set out to snap some pictures of this RunX was a cloudy day, which later turned into a rainy day. It started to rain the exact time we were scheduled to start shooting.

Not scared, we started setting up some of the equipment we could, and tried our best to of course cover the equipment from the rain, the best possible way we could.

We thought we slight rain would calm down into a light drizzle – but this didn’t happen. Rain poured, wind gushed and we got wet. That is why all the picture we shot during this shoot was done in the pouring rain. Something we didn’t plan for. But it turned out awesome.

Check out Tevin story, and some of the shot we got of his car at the ATL – The Turn Up, in the April Edition of Movere Digizine.

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Tevin's Bagged Toyota RunX
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Tevin's Bagged Toyota RunX
Tevin Syce, President of DapperX Car Club, strikes a pose in the pouring rain with his White Gold, a Bagged Toyota RunX. Check out Movere Digizine to read more.
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