The Custom Car Show – LowDown

The Custom Car Show - Low Down

So the day has finally come where the Opel Maniacs are hosting their first ever car show. It is also their 1st-year anniversary celebration and they are doing this with a bang. At the heart of what the car scene stands for is charity and what better way to do a birthday celebration but by giving back to charity.

The show is held at the Norwood Primary in Elsies River. As we all know, the show is looking great so far and we want to take the time out to thank everyone for taking the time to come out to support. Slowly but surely people are pulling up and finding themselves a spot on the field or at the limbo area. There are of course various categories available ranging from show n shine, limbo and sound off.

Opel Maniacs Car Club has been doing a great job in pulling together a great show that is planned out very well. There are obviously a few kinks however these are things that they are working on as the day progress.There is such a lot of gratitude for all the sponsors and partners that came out to be part of this event.

Thank you to 7 stars for bringing their stage and sound equipment, for Deafrow to agreeing to the sound off, Menzerna for being present and displaying their great products. Thank you to StayHungry for hosting the limbo for the event.

There are so many people that have contributed to this initiative that is really just to make a small difference in the community. Education is the cornerstone of building a sustainable future and this is exactly what OMCC is contributing to today.

Let us enjoy this day together and just create memorable moments.

The Custom Car Show - Low Down
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The Custom Car Show - Low Down
The Opel Maniacs with their charity show, The Custom Car Show hosted at Norwood Primary in Elsiesriver.
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