Theo Williams: Dikstem


Whether we should be calling him a V8 Bass Beast or Dikstem, all we know this is one helluva a car.

One of the main attractions within the November 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine, is a very special blue Datsun Cedric. This is simply because this old school car, is not only considered a beautiful classic, it doesn’t just sound awesome, it doesn’t just bass blast the neighbours windows, but it took a few “best of show titles before.”

It was such a great opportunity to spend time with the Williams Clan, the owners who built this attractive ride with a lot of sweat, tears, heartache and of course cash. The reason I am stating the Williams Clan is simply because this ride belongs to father Theo Williams and his teenage boys. What a way to pave the way to their automotive and customization future.

Theo, with his old school Dikstem, shares the centre stage with the names such as Jermaine Johnson and Donovan Rudolph.

For those who might have wondered why the car’s name is Dikstem, I would advise you guys to get your hands on the November 2017 Edition of Movere. This is where you would be able to read more about the car. But to give you a slight clue, you should look out for the section that talks about the engine of the car. The might sound of the exhaust comes from the mighty Lexus V8. That’s great motivation to be clicking the Download below in order to get your copy of this edition and to read more.

You should be read about the gatherings across the Cape, which is the Killarney Motor Show and the We Support Charity Initiative. These were great gatherings that made sure we and the rest of the Cape’s petrolheads have lots of fun.

Then there I also the names of Brandon Ross, Kaylum Antonels, Sipiwe Madonsela, and Bradley Herdien. These are the names of the Seeking The Lime section.

The November 2017 Edition of Movere is filled with all the above stories and more of course. Better makes sure you click on Download in order to get your free copy of Movere. Once you have done that, remember to find us on Instagram and Facebook. Or better yet, subscribe to your newsletter to updated on what’s happening our side.

Download the November 2017 Edition of Movere right here or jump to the Download Page to get yours or read more about this edition.

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Dikstem WP - The V8 Datsun Cedric 260c
We spent time going old school with a unique classic that's to be found around Cape Town. A V8, Bass Booming Datsun Cedric 260c called Dikstem.
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