Toyota Fest Celebrations

Toyota Fest Celebrations

Cape Town Toyota petrol heads celebrate their love for the brand.

On Saturday, December 16, 2017, while all across Cape Town, folks were celebrating their public holiday, doing their Christmas shopping and of course hooking up for coffee, the car-lovers of the mother city gathered in Somerset-West to compete in the Toyota Festival.

Throughout the year, we celebrated Opel Fest, H-Day (Honda Day) and earlier this month, Dub Fest, which meant the year was to be ended with the Toyota Fest.

Somerset was a great choice for the show. This was because arguably 95% of all who competed used the N2 to get to the location. Boy was this a sight to see because the entire road was filled with Toyota’s heading in the same direction.

With a humongous field, the clubs had enough space to display their prized possessions. They could go all out to make sure the club display different from the rest to take home the club trophy.

The cars sparkled, the crowds were entertained, the tarmac was scrapped and those who attended just had a wonderful day. To us, the skies had some cloud cover across the blue saturated sky which we totally loved.

One could say the best part of the show was seeing you don’t often see participating in other shows, and clubs too. New faces were introduced to us and met acquaintances were added to Facebook.

It felt like a breath of fresh minty air when you scout between the field to find vehicles such as Toyota 86’s scattered across the grounds, that’s actually participating. Not just that, we came across cars we have not seen since 2015 that pitched to compete.

For the very first time, one’s mind was blown by the amount of Run X models you could find. This brings the questions, could the Toyota Run X be the next big car to be hitting the Cape car scene, or has it already? Could we see this as the Japan VW Polo? I guess only time will tell.

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Alternatively, for those who are looking for some images, be sure to get more on our Instagram platform and of course there is a multitude of images available on Facebook in the Toyota Fest 2017 Album.

Toyota Fest Celebrations
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Toyota Fest Celebrations
Cape Town gathered in Somerset-West to celebrate the love for Toyota with the 2017 Toyota Festival. We took a drive out to see what the show had to offer.
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