We Park Sunday 16

We Park Sundays

The heat gauge in Cape Town is reaching its annual highs, but this doesn’t mean we are sitting at home hiding in an air-conditioned room to keep cool, but that we are out and about socializing, meeting some old friends or making some new.

We Park Sunday is a great attraction for petrol enthusiasts to gather on a Sunday afternoon for meeting one another before the crazy week continues again with the start of Monday morning.

This is an initiative started by Cape Town car club, Republic of the 92ERS. Who can remember those Sunday afternoons out in Bellville as cars from all gathered to chill and have some pictures taken? Great memories were made. But after a long time, the guys are back and have hosted another one of these great gatherings.

I personally had to sit in the car, after just for some peace and quiet…and to hide from the sun. Yesterday I got some sunburn at the Pride Your Ride show in Ceres, and today I’m out in the sun again.

Check out what we thought of the event, and how the even went down. We too share more pictures and insight about the event. Get your copy of the January Edition of Movere for more about the event.

We Park Sunday 16
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We Park Sunday 16
We Park Sundays, the Sunday Afternoon Chill session Hosted by Republic Of The 92ERS, who had a session after a long time. This brought Cape Town together again.
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